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Get there from the Information Desk The Wolverine room is located along the back hallway, next to the University Club, on the first floor of the Union. Walk down the main hallway away from the Information Desk, toward the University Club, approximately 100 feet. Before you reach the entrance of the University Club, turn left into another hallway. You will walk through a study area in the hallway, then past the back door of Amer's Cafe on the left. The first door on your right past Amer's is the doorway to Wolverine Room A. It is flush with the wall. 103 22 Show Edit Delete
Special Room Features The Wolverine Room can be sub-divided into three smaller rooms, Wolverine Rooms A, B and C. 103 22 Show Edit Delete
Size The Wolverine Room accommodates approximately 50 to 60 people. 103 22 Show Edit Delete
Flooring The flooring is tile (continued from the hallway). 103 22 Show Edit Delete
Nearby Landmarks or Building Features If coming from the University Club, the Wolverine Room is just past the back door of Amer's Cafe on the left, and a small couch along the hallway on the right. The door to Wolverine A is directly opposite the door to the outdoor patio next to Amer's Cafe. The door to Wolverine B is directly opposite to a couch that sits in a bay window area in the hallway. The Wolverine Room extends to the end of the hallway. There it meets another hallway that holds the Welker and Kuenzel Rooms. 103 22 Show Edit Delete
Braille Room Signs There is a Braille Room sign at eye-level height immediately to the left of the doorway. 103 22 Show Edit Delete
Electrical Outlets Unknown 103 22 Show Edit Delete

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